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Bringing positivity to patients through a culture of possibility

Sienna Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical–stage biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing unconventional scientific innovations to patients whose lives remain burdened by their disease. We draw upon our deep knowledge and experience in drug development across multiple therapeutic areas as we build a unique, diversified, multi–asset portfolio of therapies in immunology and inflammation that target select pathways in specific tissues, with our initial focus on one of the most important ‘immune’ tissues, the skin.

Our capabilities lie in understanding patients’ unresolved issues, carefully evaluating clinical observations and progressing novel treatments from bench to clinic and beyond. Our management team has been at the forefront of patient care, drug discovery and development for decades. Combined, the team has developed and commercialized more than 75 products in multiple therapeutic areas, including global blockbuster brands, at leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We are, and always have been, in the business of purposeful disruption in the field of medicine.

And our work is far from done. We look at current treatment paradigms and feel an obligation to improve them; every patient deserves a positive view on life uncompromised by their disease. It is this purpose that unifies and mobilizes us to translate our scientific aptitude and curiosity into new possibilities and positivity for patients so they can live life to its full potential.