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A pipeline of possibilities through targeted access to tissue—from the skin to the GI tract and beyond

By being able to target a select pathway in a specific tissue, Sienna’s proprietary technology platform is groundbreaking and rich with possibility for solving the compromises patients with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions make every day.

Initial applications for our technology platform are currently being explored for inflammatory diseases of the skin—with our Phase 3 tissue–targeted kinase inhibitors (TTKI), SNA-120, for the treatment of psoriasis and associated pruritus, and our Phase 2 TTKI, SNA-125, for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and associated pruritus.

We are also exploring a variety of other tissues and the cognate pathways involved in diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, eye and lung—and with minimal systemic exposure. Specifically, we have conducted various pre–clinical studies evaluating SNA-125 as a gut–restricted therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including Ulcerative Colitis.

By focusing on specific target pathways and applying a mechanistic approach to treating autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, our proprietary technology platform is an innovative example of the amazing things we can accomplish when we bring bright minds together and ask, “What if?” It is within this culture of possibility that we are tackling the persistent and pervasive issues that continue to burden patients.

At Sienna, we are going where it still matters for patients.

Inflammatory Skin Disorders

Our Inflammation & Immunology Pipeline

Our Medical Aesthetics Pipeline

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