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Solving the unsolved in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions

At Sienna, our knowledge of the prevailing science makes us uniquely qualified to help evolve it. We are a scientific engine at our core, unstoppable, fueled by fresh, bold ideas. Our research and development capabilities in kinase inhibition and polymer science have enabled us to accelerate the development of innovative new chemical entities (NCEs) that optimize safety and minimize the barriers that still stand between patients and powerful efficacy.

We are leading the way with novel technology platforms that leverage key anti–inflammatory and immunomodulatory pathways and optimize the balance between drug efficacy and safety to bring significant relief to patients with little to no systemic exposure.

Specifically, with our innovative proprietary technology platform, we apply a scientific design process to create potent targeted pharmacologically active molecules that are directed toward a specific target tissue and a select disease pathway, and with minimal to no systemic exposure.

By stably linking a short polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer to a pharmacologically active molecule, our technology platform alters the mechanism of action of the starting pharmaceutical ingredient and refines its target selectivity, enabling highly localized drug concentration in various target tissues, while dramatically minimizing systemic exposure.

This approach of providing efficacy without compromising safety has unlocked a pipeline of selective tissue–targeted kinase inhibitors (TTKI) that target select pathways in specific tissues to treat a variety of chronic inflammatory and immunologic conditions.

Creation of New Chemical Entities with our Proprietary Technology Platform